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By the way: All voters have the chance to win one of five cool basketball packages and 30 Bauerfeind Arm Compression Sleeves.

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Compression Sleeves Arm

Bei unseren Basketball Compression Sleeves Arm setzen wir einen hochelastischen Strickfaden ein, der einen fein dosierten Kompressionsdruck auf die Venen erzeugt. Der Blutkreislauf wird so tiefenwirksam stimuliert und damit mehr wichtiger Sauerstoff durch den Körper transportiert. Das Ergebnis: ein erhöhter O2-Anteil im Blut – für mehr freie Energiereserven und langanhaltende Power bei Dunkings, beim Werfen, Dribbeln, Passen und Sprinten.

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Shoot it like Dirk?

  • How can I take part in “Shoot It Like Dirk”?

    You can enter “Shoot It Like Dirk” on this website. Film your best basketball shot and impress the community! The coolest shots with the most votes will go through to the next round of “Shoot it like Dirk”! Upload a video of your best basketball shot here and see if you can qualify. Get creative!

  • Who will have the chance to win a Meet & Greet with Dirk Nowitzki in Dallas?

    Generally speaking, anyone who uploads a video of their top basketball move to www.shoot-it-like-dirk.com is entered for a chance to win the main prize. You must be at least 21 years old and be a permanent resident of the 50 United States of America or the District of Columbia. You can find more detailed information in the competition terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.

  • What do I need to do to enter “Shoot it like Dirk”?

    Taking part is really easy – simply upload a video of your best basketball move and convince the community that you deserve to fly to Dallas and meet Dirk Nowitzki! The move with the most votes will qualify for the final round, where you’ll have to go up against Dirk Nowitzki and make a trick shot.

  • What is the maximum allowable video size?

    Your video file must not exceed 100 MB. HD videos will take roughly one minute to upload. The file should be in .mp4 format.

  • Who decides whether I get to the next round?

    The community will vote for their favorite video in the “Shoot it Like Dirk” competition.
    Tip: Tell your family, friends and acquaintances about your video on www.shoot-it-like-dirk.com and share your video on social networks to collect as many votes as possible and secure your chance to get through to the next round of “Shoot it Like Dirk”.

  • Who decides whether I’ll be flying to Dallas?

    For the lucky hopefuls who make it through to the next round, the community will vote again for their favorite videos and choose the winners of “Shoot it Like Dirk”.

  • When will I be going to Dallas to meet Dirk?

    The trip dates are April 9–13, 2017.

  • What are the Bauerfeind Arm Compression Sleeves?

    The Bauerfeind Arm Compression Sleeves have been specially developed for basketball players. All of our Basketball Arm Compression Sleeves are made from a highly elastic knitted fabric that exerts a carefully regulated level of pressure on the veins. This leads to deep-acting stimulation of your circulation, boosting the transport of that all-important oxygen around your body. The result: increased O2 levels in your blood – for more free energy reserves and long-lasting power for slam dunks, shots, dribbles, passes and sprints.
    You can find more information about our Arm Sleeves here: www.bauerfeind-sports.com/compression-sleeves-arm.

  • Where can I find the terms and conditions of the competition?

    You can find the terms and conditions here or at the bottom of this website. They will also be displayed when you upload your video.

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